As someone who has lived or worked in New York City for most of my life, I’ve seen a lot. I’ve also photographed a lot. I’ll be presenting one picture a day from a large collection of images I’ve taken both in NYC and many other places since 2008. There will be no themes except for two pictures in one theme on weekends, just the image that hit me for that day. No cheap camera look or vignettes or dull colors. I grew up with the bright colors and end to end light of Kodachrome slides and try to get that look as a rule. I hope you enjoy them and will subscribe and return. Comments are welcome, especially complimentary ones. I won’t respond to each message unless there’s a question involved.

Pictures are in high resolution. For best results, click on the picture in the post to see the picture full screen.

Ray Brizzi

Photography, landscape, street, Sigma, Pentax, NYC, NJ, PA, NC, GA, SC, Greece, USA, Americana, New York City, #photography, #picoftheday


2 comments on “About

  1. I don’t know if you will receive this. Vic has not yet paid his bill. Your photos are impressive! I’m painting (oils) night scenes of the city–the nooks and crannies that are overlooked daytime. At night they become dramatic and enchanting.

  2. I viewed ALL the pictures. What a delight! I appreciate your professionalism. The photos are sensitive, aesthetic and the topics and presentation wide-ranging. Thank you.

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